The Pakistani American Press Association organized a panel discussion on the subject of the role of Muslim women in the November 3 presidential election in the United States, and what role are Muslim women playing in American society. Community leaders, members, first time voters and students were invited to have a candid discussion and share their thoughts and experiences as Muslim and Pakistani women in American.


With elections weeks away, Democrats and Republicans are campaigning in support of their respective candidates. “In American society where Muslim women maintain their separate identity but at the same time it they are playing a key role in the development of immigrant communities”, said Ayesha Khan, a local democrat leader and elected official.Islam is the third largest religion in the United States after Christianity and Judaism, with a Muslim population of about 3.5 million and Muslim voters about 800,000.





Muslim and Pakistani women, who are voting for the first time in the US election, spoke to community leaders about the key issues facing them. And strategies for conveying these issues to presidential candidates and for Muslim women to participate in and participate in the electoral process were considered.Getting Pakistani American women into politics is not only good for their community but also a solution to immigration issues because women have to take their entire family with them. Participants talk at a roundtable conference organized by the Pakistani American Press Association




Community leader Sajid Tarar is spearheading “Muslim Voices for Trump”, he said, “Republican candidate Donald Trump’s conservative policies align with beliefs of Muslims”. Muslim women in the United States are honing their skills in key areas, including healthcare, engineering, and science. For the first time in the US House of Representatives, two Muslim women are serving as Congresswomen. The US Presidential elections will be held on November 3rd, 2020.