As a Pakistani-American journalist working in Washington D.C., it has been a useful experience for me to interact with my colleagues in several cities of Pakistan.

I am happy to report that Pakistani-American Press Association (PAPA), which I represent as it’s general secretary, has signed agreements with some of the leading Press organizations in Pakistan.

These agreements commit the organizations to cooperating, networking, training and hosting workshops in order to promote quality journalism

The PAPA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists at a well-attended event, with Speaker of the. Punjab Assembly Choudhry Pervaiz Elahi as chief guest.

President PFUJ Rana Muhammad Azeem, General Secretary GM Jamali and senior journalists Naeem Mustafa, Ehtisham Ul Haq, Ashraf Majeed, Hafiz Faiz, Muhammad Hassan Raza and many other delivered short speeches.

Speaker Punjab Assembly and ex-deputy Prime Minister of Pakistan Choudhry Pervaiz Elahi appreciated PAPA for taking this initiative. “I must say that much initiatives will not only help the journalist community but also develop a bonding force between journalists working in Pakistan and overseas journalists. I can foresee a well-connected network of Pakistani journalists around the globe. It is good for Pakistan, it is good for journalism,” Elahi said.

President PFUJ Rana Azeem offered PAPA to bring a delegation of journalists from America. “We will facilitate workshops, seminars and meetings with subject related professionals. Journalism is a noble profession which comes with a lot of responsibilities, our core objective to establish relationship with PAPA is to promote good journalism and service to Pakistan,” Azeem said.

As General Secretary of PAPA, I signed the agreement with PFUJ, General Secretary GM Jamali.

Both parties have agreed to hold seminars, conferences, webinars and mutually agreed activities for the education of working journalists..

In capital, Islamabad, I signed an MoU on behalf of PAPA with the National Press Club (NPC) to enhance bilateral cooperation between the two bodies. General Secretary Shakeel Anjum signed the document on behalf of the NPC.


Speaking on the occasion, Shakeel Anjum stressed the need for enhanced cooperation between the journalists in Pakistan and the United States to enhance the quality of journalism. He hoped the MoU would create enabling environment for the working journalists in the performance of their rnalistic assignments.

The MoU recognizes the challenges that Pakistani journalists and journalists of Pakistani origin face in discharging their duties, both in Pakistan and the United States.

“Similarly, journalists of Pakistani origin should also be facilitated in availing the opportunities that are available to journalists in Pakistan, such as access to official sources,” says the document.

Journalists from Rawalpindi and Islamabad attended the ceremony.

In Lahore: Pakistani American Press Association (PAPA) signed a memorandum of understanding with Lahore Press Club (LPC). Both organizations agreed on a goal to strive together to create enabling environment for the working journalists in the performance of their journalistic assignments and to assist them in overcoming hurdles/challenges by highlighting their grievance at the international fora.

Azam Choudhry, President of Lahore Press Club and I were the signatories.

“Cooperation between Pakistani journalists and journalists of Pakistani origin will be good for the profession. The mainstream media in Pakistan wants to stay connected with Pakistani-American journalists.”, said the president of Lahore Press Club.

While stressing a need to work together, PAPA general secretary Khurram Shahzad said “Pakistani-Americans have retained their love and concern for Pakistan while maintaining their loyalty to their adopted home. The two communities to cooperate in creating new opportunities for training journalists and in learning from each other.”

I am sure that with the cooperation of these leading Pakistani bodies, PAPA will be able to promote journalism to serve both Pakistani-Americans and Pakistan.