PA PA is serving the Pakistani Community Abroad – Dr. Abdullah Riar

PTI Secretary OIC Senator Dr. Abdullah Riar has said that Pakistani journalists working in the United States are their country's ambassadors, who have become the voice of their compatriots abroad as well as the image of Pakistan. He was addressing a function in honor of the Pakistani American Press Association

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Washington DC hosted a luncheon in honor of the newly elected officials of the Pakistan American Press Association, with Senator Dr. Abdullah Riar, Secretary, PTI International Chapters, as the chief guest.  He said that world is now a global village in which every individual has an important role to play. In the United States, the center of world politics, Pakistani-born journalists are carrying out their duties as well as solving problems in their community and raising the image of their homeland. They deserve praise.

PTI Washington DC President Johnny Bashir said that the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan is trying to solve the basic problems of the people and eradicate corrupt elements.Khurram Shehzad, newly elected president of the Pakistan American Press Association, and Yousuf Chaudhry, general secretary, said the members of the organization were working in unison, with the aim of raising the profile of their country and showing its positive face to the world.

Information secretary of the Pakistan American Press Association Saqib Ul Islam said that the main purpose of this journalists organization is to connect with the Pakistani American Community at large & report Pakistan related news without any political bias. This event is one such effort.

The Pakistani American Press Association is the largest representative body of Pakistani journalists in the United States, whose members are serving in all fifty states of United States of America.

Ms. Maliha Shahid, Press Attaché & First Secretary of Embassy of Pakistan in Washington DC also graced the event and appreciated the efforts of Pakistani American Press Association and the PTI USA for their combined efforts for the community. Current elected body is composed of five elected members including President Khurram Shahzad, VP Nuzaira Azam, G.Sec. Yousuf Chaudhry, Info. Sec. Saqib Ul Islam and Treasurer Aziz Ahmad and Executive Committee includes Meriam Sabih & Shamim Bano.