A Round-table Discussion & Post Election Diaspora meet up with visiting senior journalist Asif Bhatti.

As the experts say, US-Pakistan relations have been fluctuated in different periods as both countries have their own interests. Pakistan’s relations with the Trump administration were superficial which can be categorized both as good and bad. It remains to be seen what the agenda of the new US administration will be and how it will view Pakistan and the region.





After the 2020 elections, as per results so far, Democratic Party’s Joe Biden is the projected winner and will be sworn as the 46th US President on January 20th, 202.

Looking at these developments in the United States, which affect not only US but the world, Pakistani American Press Association (PAPA) held a Round-table Discussion & Post Election Diaspora meet up with visiting senior journalist Asif Bhatti of Geo News Pakistan.

The event was attended by senior journalists, think tanks, and both community leaders and members.





Topics discussed were, how will the new US administration view the relations with Pakistan? What will change in the coming four years? What Muslim and Pakistani voters expect from the new administration, as they voted overwhelmingly for Democratic Party and PEOTUS Joe Biden and, what and how Muslims in America will be represented in the new administration, as promised by the candidate Joe Biden earlier this year. The participants discussed the relations between Pakistan and the United States, in contest with the religion and role of China, India and Afghanistan as well.

The Pakistani American Press Association, as the representative body of Pakistani journalists in the United States takes steps to create a positive image of the Pakistani diaspora and the government as a 501c organization. Its efforts to improve relations between the United States and Pakistan with its team in most US states and Washington.