‘The New Normal’ in Pakistan: a Journalist

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Fearing that his attackers would spot him from a distance, the investigative journalist Taha Siddiqui threw off his bright red sweater as he jumped into a ditch and crawled through mud and shrubs to reach a highway in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi.[ continue reading ]

The biggest risk to American journalism isn’t posed by Trump

Independent journalism holds the unaccountable to account and shines light on the darkest corners of our world. It seeks to inform, to ignite, to inspire and to spark debate. Yet in one of the traditional bastions of a free media – the United States – [ continue reading ]

Journalism in Pakistan: Fear and Favor

Karachi -In this summer’s feel-good Indian movie “Bajrangi Bhaijaan,” a Pakistani TV reporter telephones his boss to tell him he has an explosive story about an Indian spy on Pakistani territory who’s not actually a spy, but a man trying to help a lost Pakistani child find her parents. The boss tells him the story isn’t sensational enough, then hangs up, leaving the reporter grumbling that the channel’s executives care only about making money, rather than telling a good story.I – [ continue reading ]

Challenges Faced by Media in Covering Israeli-Palestinian Story Focus as International Seminar on Peace in Middle East Opens

Challenges Faced by Media in Covering Israeli-Palestinian Story Focus as International Seminar on Peace in Middle East Opens– [ continue reading ]

The Plight of Pakistan’s Journalists

In Pakistan, journalists’ woes have been one constant. Whether under civilian or military rule, the multidimensional challenges faced by journalists have remained the same. Kamran Khan, the well-known Pakistani anchor on Dunya TV, in a recent program equated journalists’ current predicament to the conditions under former dictator General Zia-ul-Haq’s (1977-88) rule.– [ continue reading ]

The Reconstruction of American Journalism

American journalism is at a transformational moment, in which the era of dominant newspapers and influential network news divisions is rapidly giving way to one in which the gathering and distribution of news is more widely dispersed– [ continue reading ]

Nine challenges facing the future of journalism

With more and more people consuming news digitally, the future of journalism has never been brighter. But journalists of the future will face a number of challenges, according to Raju Narisetti, senior vice president and deputy head of strategy at the new News Corporation.– [ continue reading ]

How journalists are overcoming the challenges of global health reporting

he topic of global health offers a broad range of fascinating reporting issues. Through our Global Health Grant Programmes, we’ve learned it is about much more than medical treatment, often touching upon other global topics like climate change, international trade or migration.– [ continue reading ]