PAPA, the Pakistani American Journalists Association, is a new but dynamic organization, that seeks to provide an interactive media forum to journalists of Pakistani origin in North America.

PAPA’s platform, however, is open to all journalists who are interested in Pakistan, whether of Pakistani origin or not, enabling them to interact and exchange information.

It will also create education and training facilities for Pakistani and Pakistani-American journalists. We are also creating short, training courses for American journalists who intend to travel to Pakistan for familiarizing them with Pakistani society, culture and politics.

PAPA aims to upgrade Pakistan’s coverage in the U.S. media and uplift the standards of journalism in the Pakistani community in North America and in Pakistan.

Founded in June 2017 with six members, today PAPA has 62 members working for mainstream Pakistani media networks, American news organizations and the North American Pakistani media outlets.

PAPA has no paid staff. Its volunteers – from the elected board to event organizers – make PAPA possible.

As a small nonprofit, PAPA depends on members’ contributions and donations from its friends and supporters for its various activities.

You can contribute by making a donation online or by check payments.

Another way to support PAPA is to become a paid member.